Facebook, the most popular social network is extensively used by students at my school. Parents object to its use, as it consumes too much time.
But we have a legitimate excuse:

The project discussions, assignments and the class anouncements all are posted on the Facebook Group of the class. The teachers have a student assigned to take the assignments and upload it to the group.

In short, the situation is that the most trolled place on the internet is also used for discussing assignments and projects.
So it is inevitable that someone or the other will turn the discussion into a flame war by sharing a meme on Justin Beiber.

The only possible solution to avoid this is to make the forum official by using mailing lists ;)

Mailing Lists

Students can share assignments, photos, and discuss projects with their classmates by just sending a mail at class.section@lists.schoolname.edu. And everyone subscribed to the list will get the mail. And a significant advantage is that students will learn to write an email, like an email.

Almost always when I send a fellow classmate an email, I get a reply like:

I wnted 2 ask u tht m 2 vry intrsted in…
i wnt 2 c him lyk tht

Because we use Facebook Chat and Whatsapp so much, we do not know how to write an email. So we write it like an SMS, and convey everything in a single line.

When I was discussing this with my friends at school, one of them replied , “I check my mail once a week.”

Most of us own a phone, and it is safe to assume that it is equipped with an email client. So please set up your email account, sign up with newsletters and lists of your interest, and start reading your mail. Please!

I have been told that I have a biased view regarding Facebook. I would love to hear some counter points on my proposal above. Feel free to comment below.

Published: 07 February 2014

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