The state of privacy on the Internet is spine-tingling scary. I will not repeat the effort of blabbing about how you are being spied upon and tracked on almost every corner of the web. I would rather prefer to tell the tale of how I am trying to save my arse.

Prism-Break was extremely helpful, in providing me alternatives.

I deleted my facebook account (which had >500 friends), and created a new one with around 30 friends, whom I actually need to talk to. Some weeks ago, I deactivated this account too. I have (almost) stopped using Google for searching the Web, and use DuckDuckGo instead. For personal emails I now use Riseup, and GPG encryption. I use FirefoxOS on my smartphone, and download only those apps from the Marketplace which have their code open for public review. I switched to Diaspora

  • an alternative social network. But maybe I lack the courage to delete my Google+ account.

I was using StatCounter for this blog to keep a track of visitors and Disqus for comments. Until I fired up Lightbeam and saw how almost every website I visit uses Google Analytics. This means that Google not only knows my search history, but also about most of the other websites I visit. Well, this is not new. But I personally find it wrong that if someone visits this blog, their information (ip address, user agent) is not just transmitted to me, but also to third-party services which further share it with their partners and advertisers.

So, I decided to correct it. I have now got StatCounter, Disqus and GoogleFonts API disabled for this blog. Better late than never!

Published: 14 March 2014

Disqus has been disabled. If you have a comment, feel free to email it to me.