I had been using Ubuntu for a while, but was looking for an alternative Linux distro satisfying these points -

  • It is RPM based.
  • It uses KDE as its default DE
  • It is fast in updates.
  • Big (Not in .iso size, of course) i.e. It is funded by some major firm, and is consistent in development.

I was in a dilemma between OpenSuse and Fedora KDE, and with a discussion at BVPLUG subreddit, decided to go with Fedora 17 KDE 64-bit.

It is simply awesome. The package management is perfect, and clutter-free, It's fresh install feels lightweight compared to Ubuntu Quantal's fresh install which was laggy (maybe due to webapps, and amazuntu). And I'm in love with its superfast updates. Fedora is a cutting edge distro, thus releasing updates asap. A new version of KDE or kernel updates, everything is just updated as soon as the stable release is out, which I missed in Ubuntu.

I also installed XFCE, and it is blazing fast compared to KDE or Unity. It is quite configurable(not more than KDE though), and I just love its simplicity. Pair Fedora with - XFCE, cairo-dock, Faenza icons, and a nice GTK theme and wallpaper, and experience terrificness!

But still Ubuntu beats Fedora in ease of installation, and a good "Software Center". In short, if you don't have loads of packages to deal with, and you don't like firing up a terminal now and then, Ubuntu is much better. I would still recommend Ubuntu to anyone who wanted to switch to Linux. It is the most popular, and its support is superb.

Published: 11 November 2012

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