decaying memories, hazy dreams
racing heart, restless nights
flowers primed to blossom again
reborn after dark and light

chilly nights were familiar terrain
now warm sunlight seethes again
on shy buds that timidly unfurl
into a cosy comfortable curl

but the summer is fleeting
impermanent warmth
the cycle of demise
goes on and on

petals once so bright and vivid
now dull and pale, fall to the earth
clumsily embraced by withering winds
are longing and yearning for rebirth

the beast

the depth screams, unnerving shrieks
beneath the blue waves of sorrow
I pay no heed, o shadowey beast
knock my door again tomorrow

tumbling, straying, disarranged
my vessel sails off the chart
I’ve had my stumble, o great sea serpent
the hull gives in, can no longer last

my ship roars, the beast growls
pervasive water, consuming all
imprisoned by what I thought was mine
drowning deep, endless fall

smash, crash, my head collides
hell, ive arrived at my destiny
collapsing deck, devil is nigh
swim out the wreck, you’re free

seeing the light, I scream and shout
hearing back the silent hiss
from the surface, a shadow is seen
rising, soaring, fiend of abyss

the dark orb, swelling out
light and shadow, intertwined
a gasp for air, at last i am here
man and beast, undisguised

the pilgrimage

breaking all promises he made
to himself and to the lord above
he sifts through the dim lit graves
arrives at the shrine of his love

whips out his shovel
digs through the dirt
oh how he missed her smile
he never intended to hurt

he lifts his queen up above
lays her gently on the damp mud
the sky calmly weeps o’er them
sanctifying, a gentle flood

the flies have laid their eggs
larvae swim through his blood
flesh and filth clinging on him
burning ulcers in his gut

surely he must pay for his deeds
maybe in this life? maybe the next hundred?
for now, his sins are washed away
by the blessed showers of red

in for more

in the darkest hour
breeze standstill
dance of the shadows
forbidding chill

he rambles on
the beaten path
in search of light
in search of stars

but the clouds of doom
o’er his head they loom
move they seldom
that wretched gloom

muffled cries of pain
closer every step
a frail leper he sees
slouching ahead

he approaches, unbidden
nails clawing on his core
head arose, it shouts
thou art in for more


i want to keep floating
this calm ocean, my old friend
the sun burning dry
my skin cracked and red

violent waves are coming
to lift me up, pull me under
the turbulence is not taxing
my heart is the storm’s center

the winds may howl
the clouds may burst
even the greatest downpour
won’t quench my thirst

i will just keep on floating
floating in this sea of dread
the sun smouldering me dry
my skin cracked and red


the rebellion ends here
you and me lying bare
insecurity is my prey
i’ll hunt i’ll chase you away

the craving and compulsion
(this tug of war has no end)
the dependence and addiction
(this tug of war needs to end)

from us and them
(you were never really wanted)
to you and me
(you were never really needed)
uproot the succubus
(your cronies all absconded)
i soar above your insincerity

let the blade sink deep inside
tonight it’s time for you to die
paranoia’s personification
(rip it, stab it, bleed it away)

bots of a tether

voltage spike
my fluctuating circuitry
you stabilize,
this floozy hack
bypassing the absurdity

we’re bots of a tether
floating till the
doom ahead
lost in this misty aether

high and low, off and on
with kernel panic
nuclear phenomenon

sparks extinguish
but not the core
no, it’s always humming on
beep on
beep on
beep on, you crazy automaton

maggot queen

engulf me, consume me
your rotten core, eyes of napalm
laid your eggs in this sea
now drown in the tranquil calm

slyly slithering in my veins
it feels like feathers and thorns
creep away to deeper hollows
flee away from rising storms

you are the maggot queen
i am the enormous dead
i’ve mastered the art of pouring
my soul into a broken keg

decompose. Disintegrate.
chew, chew away on this decay
you squirmy little piece of shit
no redemption for you today